Saturday, February 18, 2012

Please, please tell me now, is there something I should know?

I've been obsessing  thinking  about Duran Duran a lot lately!  You see, they are touring Australia this March and I would really like to go see them... actually I would really, really LOVE to see them in concert!

I was quite smitten with them in the 80s. As a teenager, my bedroom walls were smothered with posters of them (plus some of my other 80s idols), but Duran Duran took up the most wall space. I'd retreat to my room after school to "do my homework", only to be distracted by their perfectly coiffed handsomeness... sigh!

I, like many teenage girls my age, also developed an obsession infatuation with lead singer Simon Le Bon. He also celebrates his birthday a few days before mine in October, which affirmed my admiration - a fellow Scorpio!  Not to take away from the appeal of the other band members; keyboardist Nick Rhodes (is it just me or does he remind anyone else of Andy Warhol?!), bass player John Taylor, guitarist Andy Taylor and drummer Roger Taylor (none of them are related)!

I collected all of their records (yes, vinyl records), I even bought every version of the single The Wild Boys, (it was released with five different covers - one for each band member)! Such a fan was I, I also purchased albums by Duran Duran spin-off projects, Arcadia & Power Station too. I still have all of these albums and I don't intend on parting with them in the near future either... (careless) memories!1.
My Duran Duran vinyl record collection, plus the Do They Know it's Christmas record they sang on.

So why Duran Duran? Well they were a very good looking group... and I enjoyed listening to their music, a lot!  

But also, I think it's because they seemed a little bit "arty", like me!  I, like many others, followed the gamut of 80s fashion trends, the New Romantic look synonymous with Duran Duran was one of them. I had a short asymmetric big hair do, wore a white men's shirt with stirrup pants and too much blush. I even have the photos (so many, many embarrassing photos) to prove it!
Here I am C.1980s "modelling" for my sister in a fashion parade... can anyone say "tragic 80s fashion victim"?!!

And who could forget their long list of pop hits?  Girls On Film, Planet Earth, Is There Something I Should Know?, Rio, Hungry Like The Wolf, Save A Prayer, The Reflex, Notorious, A View to a Kill (from the James Bond movie of the same name).

This post has taken me a few days to compose and put together, but I am happy to report that I now have tickets for the Duran Duran concert in Melbourne for my sister and I! Yay!  Bring it on!

I'd better go download their new album, All You Need is Now...

1. Yep, Careless Memories is another Duran Duran song!


  1. Have a great time at the concert :) What? Do they really have a new album? I have no idea... x

    1. Thansk Kyrstie! Yes, they do apparently I downloaded it last night & it sounds very good indeed! Reminiscent of their 80s heydays!

  2. Oh I had totally forgotten about stirrup pants (side track I know- sorry!) Nice pic Luci and congrats on your tix I'm sure they will be well worth it.I remember old school discos and being so excited when 'Reflex' came on. Oh and then there's Wham. But that's another post. xxxx

    1. I was contemplating removing the pic... I was sure I had one with me & the aforesaid stirrup pants but no luck in finding it!
      I was thinking when I was reminiscing writing this piece that I really need to do one on Wham & George Michael! xx