Saturday, January 28, 2012

Family Ties

Family is extremely important to me. Both my immediate & extended family.

It concerns me that as an only child, our son won't experience the bond one has with a sibling. And even though my brother has two older boys, and my husband's sister an older boy and girl, we have a relatively small family by Italian standards.

I grew up the youngest of four children, with strong bonds to my many cousins. We would see each other regularly as many of us were around the same age and also attended the same schools.

Our son doesn't have much contact with my cousin's kids, even though some of them are around the same age. Its not that we don't want to see each other.  As we all grew older, life changed; some of my cousins went off to university or got married and had children of their own.  We still enjoy the occasional family get-together, catching up on what has been happening in our increasingly busy lives, discussing schools, kids, life and a joke or two!

I'd like to give my son a sibling so he can experience the bond of close family too. My two brothers and sister are very important people in my life (as is my beautiful Mum), I'd do anything for them and vice-versa. The ties that binds a family together should never be broken, but unfortunately god had other ideas, the loss of my dear darling dad shook us all up nine years ago. It bought us closer together and as we gathered around Mum, it made us realise the importance of family.  The old saying "blood is thicker than water" is none truer in our case. But like most families we've had some bumps along the way too.

It's important to remember what brings us together, love.

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