Sunday, April 10, 2011


I like many of my friends, like catching up with what is happening on Facebook. Okay, so let me rephrase that, I am obsessed with it! There, I said it!

It's not so much the stalking catching up with my friends, acquaintances, relatives, potential relatives and celebrities (I am "friends" with both Kath AND Kim!), since I cut back my work hours to help my husband out with the grape harvest this year, I have become more preoccupied with Farmville!

Yes, Farmville, the pseudo farming game where you can own and run your own virtual farm, well I actually own two, the home farm and one in the English Countryside!

Before you say "get that girl some help pronto!", let me explain - this virtual farming business is quite addictive, (which is ironic, as my husband will vouch, I'm not that great on our real life farm!) However in the last few days I have had more than one person comment, "how often are you on Facebook?!"; which has made me think now might be the time for a self-imposed Facebook intervention!

So instead of harvesting crops for my English pub and home farm bakery, breeding sheep, milking cows for the dairy, collecting peanuts from the baby elephants and ice-cubes from the penguins, brushing the cats, collecting gold from my Leprechaun's Cottage and eggs from my chooks and tending to my beehive (keeping a farm running is hard work!) I'll be back at work three days a week, working on creating some new artworks for a number of creative projects I have coming up this year, keeping our five year old occupied during the school holidays and getting our house in order.

I couldn't give  up "bookface" entirely though, that would be no fun!

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