Friday, April 1, 2011

Celebrate your Day of Birth!

Today is my nephew's 17th birthday which got me thinking about the importance of celebrating your day of birth!

I still remember the day he was born, he was the first grandchild/nephew at the time.  I was home from Uni for the Easter holidays, we (Mum, Dad, sister) were so excited at the prospect of a new little Callipari being born, we burst into the hospital not long after he was born, my poor sister in law was still so tired from the whole ordeal of giving birth, but she graciously chatted and made conversation with us!

After becoming a Mum nearly six years ago, I realised just how tired my sister-in-law must have been, let alone carry on a conversation with us - it must have been the euphoria of childbirth!

Not to exclude my other nephews and niece, it was also a very special occasion when they were born too!  Spending time with them has been precious, watching them grow from cute little babies with their funny ways of doing and saying things to seeing them blossom into handsome and beautiful responsible teenagers (which is a testament to their parents).

Giving birth to a child is such an amazing experience, I was lucky to have a pregnancy free of morning sickness, but suffered through a long drawn out, laborious childbirth, but through all the pain and all of the complications, it was worth meeting our precious little man, nothing can explain the feeling of love that washed over me when I held him in my arms for the first time.

Our little boy has given us such joy.  He came along at a time when my family was still grieving the loss of my beloved Dad, (in many ways he reminds me of him - he does love to chat!), he has filled our lives with light, happiness and laughter.

I was one of those people that put off becoming a Mum to pursue other things first, while I don't regret trying to achieve those things (I still don't feel I have accomplished all that I can), I sometimes wish I hadn't of waited so long to do it; he is the best thing my husband and I have ever created.  And while we would love to give him a sibling, (we aren't getting any younger and both celebrating a very special milestone birthday this year) we will have to see what the universe has in store for us.

So what is the point of my ramblings?   Some people comment when you say "Happy Birthday", that "it is just another day", but I disagree!  We must cherish the special days, especially our birthdays because:
From our birthday, until we die,
Is but the winking of an eye.

- William Butler Yeats
"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." - Alexander Woollcott

(I also realise there are people out there who may be having difficulty conceiving naturally - you might consider consulting Nat).

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