Monday, March 21, 2011

Carpe Diem

Yesterday I wrote of the frustration I was feeling at not being able to start work on my solo exhibition as my studio had been affected by the recent February Victorian floods.  I also mentioned briefly the nice insurance assessor who visited to assess the damage on behalf of our insurance company, I discovered today that he died suddenly last week, at the relatively young age of 61.

This got me thinking; some people don't know when their day will come, it will just happen in the blink of an eye, without the chance to whisper a heart felt goodbye to their loved ones.

Others will suffer for months, sometimes years at the hands of an insidious, incurable illness, enduring years of pain while their families watch them waste away to nothing.

While some lucky ones, like my grandfather, live to the ripe old age of 101 and have the pleasure of seeing their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren born before passing peacefully in their sleep.

Life is precious, enjoy every single minute as if it were your last.

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