Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where do I begin with (yester)day's entry?

Well firstly, I was little grumpy yesterday! I didn't much sleep the night before as I stayed up way, way, way past my bedtime to prepare "smoko" for my husband & some friends who helped us harvest our Gordo winegrapes.  Although it did allow me to post my first blog entry, so not all bad! 

As my family will attest, I get a tad grumpy without my "beauty sleep"; my co-workers may even agree that I become vague (more so than usual!) without enough rest, so please excuse me if this post seems to go a little off the rails a little - my bad!

Due to my lack of z's I was feeling especially harassed, with so many important things to do at the end of the working week. Normally I love Fridays, but yesterday I felt like I had a series of hurdles I needed to jump before I could relax into the weekend.

But things were looking up in the afternoon with the delivery of our new bed.  We had been waiting for the aforementioned bed for a few months (we had been procrastinating on exactly which bed we were going to purchase) so when it finally arrived, I was filled with joy and anticipation at the prospect of having a super comfy, restful night's sleep.  So did I wake up today feeling less grumpy and tired, without the major whinge (sp?) factor?  We'll just have to see how the day unfurls...

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