Sunday, March 13, 2011


My young son has been asking me to film him playing with his trucks for weeks now.  You see, he is a BIG fan of You Tube, when allowed on the computer he types in toytruckvideos (at the age of five, he hasn't quite grasped punctuation or the use of spacing just yet) and away he goes, looking at toy truck videos, trains, normal sized trucks, truck game stills put to music and his favourite, kids talking about their own toy trucks...  hence the request to film him!

So I gave in and filmed him talking about and playing with his own toy trucks and tractors, utes, etc while singing his own musical soundtrack!  After which he requested to watch it, after seeing himself on the camera screen, he decided to watch the rest of the videos on the camera which date back to around the time of his first birthday, he happily watched himself for an hour or so yesterday, and this morning we hooked the video camera up to the television and he watched himself on the big(ish) screen again!

It is has been lovely to watch him progress from a little boy crawling around on the floor, to a young boy introducing himself to the camera and talking in complete sentences!

In amongst these videos is one at his second family Christmas, which is extra special as my father-in-law who has now passed away was in that one too.  There is even one of my grandfather, taken not long before his 101st birthday.  Nonno has now passed on also, so it is nice (and a touch emotional) to have that visual record of him talking about his voyage to Australia and his early days as an Italian immigrant making a life for himself and his family.

I am going to try to use the video camera more often from now on, nothing compares to moving, talking pictures as far as documentation goes (except of course for visual art that is!)...

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  1. I am very bad at taking photos, or videos for that matter. If I do take them, I'm also bad at copying them, labelling them, etc. I started to go through a lot of my mother's things when I last went to Perth and discovered thousands of photos with absolutely no indication of who or what they were! I really must remember to keep track of the photos and videos I make so the boys don't have to work things out themselves.