Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mum's group

I had the pleasure of catching up with some girlfriends yesterday.  What makes these friends unique is that we all met while pregnant with our first child during pre-natal education classes in early 2005.  After the birth of our kids, a few of us were allocated into the same "New Mother's Group" by the local Council Early Years service and the six of us have kept in touch ever since.

We are all different, from different walks of life, differing ages (I'm the oldest!), what we do have in common is that we have gone through the same milestones with our children, offered advice to each other on all sorts of subjects, shared a few laughs... and the odd drink here and there too!

While our get together's aren't scheduled fortnightly as they used to due our increasingly busy lives (plus our first borns' starting school), the meetings may be are fewer and further between.

Cherish time spent with your friends, it doesn't matter how often you do it, as long as you do.

"I get by with a little help from my friends." 
- John Lennon

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  1. There's nothing quite as special as the friendships you make with women who are going through the same stage in life as you are.